Interview Questions Of Microsoft Dynamics AX | Part - 1

1.Difference between following
condel   :- Use condel to delete one or more items from a container.
confind :- Use confind to locate a sequence of items in a container.
conins   :- Use conins to insert some items into a container.
conlen   :- Use conlen to find out how many items there are in a container.
connull  :- Use connull to explicitly dispose of the contents of a container.
conpeek :- Use conpeek to extract an item from a container, and to convert it into another data type 
conpoke :- Use conpoke to replace (poke) an item in a container.

2.Difference between edit and display method

Display Indicates that the method's return value is to be displayed on a form or a report.
The value cannot be altered in the form or report
Edit Indicates that the method's return type is to be used to provide information for a field that is used     in  in a form. The value in the field can be edited. 

Interview Questions - Dynamics AX
3.Difference between perspectives and table collection

Perspectives can organize information for a report model in the Application Object Tree (AOT).
A perspective is a collection of tables. You use a report model to create reports.
Table collection is a collection of table, which sharing across all the virtual companies. 

4.What are the 4 types of files we need to copy to the standard folder?

    *.aod    - application object data file
    *.ahd    -  Application Online Help Data file
    *.ald     -  Application Label data file.
    *.add    - Application Developer Documentation Data file
    *.khd    -  Kernel Online Help Data 

And other files are 
*.ahi      -   Application Online Help Index files
*.adi      -   Application Developer Documentation Index files
*.ali       -   Application Label Index files
*.alt       -   Application Label Temporary file.
*.alc       -    Application Label Cache file
*. aoi     -    Application Object Index file
*.khd     -    Kernel Online Help Data
*.khi      -   Kernel Online Help Index files

5.Why we use virtual companies?

 Virtual company accounts contain data in certain tables that are shared by any number of company accounts. This allows users to post information in one company that will be available to another company.

6.How can we restrict a class to be further extended?

 using Final Keyword for ex: public final class <ClassName>

7.Which classes are used for data import export?

SysDataImport and SysDataExport

8.From which table u can get the user permissions stored in Ax?

      AccessRightList table.

9.What should we do if we need last record to be active when a form is opened?

            In properties of datasource table set the StartPosition property as last.

10.What is the sequence of events while a report is generated?

            Init, Run, Prompt, Fetch, send,Print

11.Name few X++ classes/Coreclasses related to Queries?

     Query, QueryRun, QueryBuildRange, QueryBuildDataSource, QueryBuildLink

12.What is an index?

An index is a table-specific database structure that speeds the retrieval of rows from the table. Indexes are used to improve the performance of data retrieval and sometimes to ensure the existence of unique records.

13.Define IntelliMorph

IntelliMorph is the technology that controls the user interface in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The user interface is how the functionality of the application is presented or displayed to the user.

IntelliMorph controls the layout of the user interface and makes it easier to modify forms, reports, and menus.

14.Define MorphX

The MorphX Development Suite is the integrated development environment (IDE) in Microsoft Dynamics AX used to develop and customize both the Windows interface and the Web interface.

15.Define  X++   

X++ is the object-oriented programming language that is used in the MorphX environment .
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